At CrazyAntz, we focus on delivering quality games, fun filled everywhere. We are always trying to build games which exactly suits for our audience. Our team has the ability to shape their thoughts in this manner. And, of course we will not deliver the kind of game which we wouldn't like to play ourselves.

We are always keeping the pace with the evolving gaming technologies. We hire extremely talented and experienced people and provide them all the support to take their career to new levels.

After all we expect people who really passionate in gaming; and they can send their resume to
[updated: 02/08/2014]

Current Openings:

Junior Game Developer [Fresher]

We are seeking talented and enthusiastic game developers. The ultimate qualification we require is your passion about gaming along with a descent programming knowledge

Academically we prefer Associate‘s or Bachelor‘s degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree holders

Required Skills:

  • Comfortable with C++ development
  • Understanding of vector math
  • Basic usage of Photoshop/Gimp tools
  • Good attitude
  • Good team player

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Develop games based on the design document you receive
  • Learn new technologies based on the requirements
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Location: Bangalore

Position Type: Full Time/Regular